These T&C’s refer to an annual paid up front or direct debit members as “members” and pay and play non-members as “non-members” when it relates to both the term used is “Customers” or “Users”.

Health Commitment:

I wish to embark on a programme of physical activity including but not limited to weight training and the use of various aerobic conditioning machinery. To the best of my knowledge, I hereby confirm that I do not suffer from any condition which prevents my participation in an exercise programme.

It is my responsibility to consult my doctor if my health changes. Appropriate advice will then be used to tailor your exercise/physical activities to suit your needs.

I hereby release Plymouth Active and its employees and owners, from any claims, demands and causes of action arising from my participation in this exercise programme.

I fully understand that if I injure myself as a result of exercise participation that I hereby release Plymouth Active from any liability now or in the future.

I agree to consult staff for a detailed induction at any time if I am unsure on how to use any fitness equipment.

Plymouth Active will endeavour to maintain a safe environment for all to exercise and will ensure their staff are qualified to fitness industry standards.

Booking & Access

The following terms and conditions apply to all users of the centre.
Use of the centre and facilities managed by the centre

  1. All users of the centre must have their photograph taken to access the centre. Or provide photo-graphic ID such as a driver’s licence or passport on every visit to the centre
    2. An adult is someone deemed 16 years and above
    3. In instances of national emergency or local lockdowns Plymouth Active has the right to close centres without notice and/or limit usage to other Plymouth Leisure centres.

People unable to book online

We appreciate that some of our members may not be able to book digitally or online. In such cases these members can come into centre to book and pay by card, we are no longer taking cash payments. 

Personal details

  1. Customers must supply their email address, mobile phone number and address before their join or use the centre.
  2. To ensure that Plymouth Active provides you with an efficient and effective service we will sometimes need to share your information between teams within PAL, as well as with our partner organisations that support the delivery of the service you may receive, as per our Privacy Notice.
  3.  Any monthly direct debit membership must be cancelled via the website as per the terms and conditions of cancelling. To do this member must have an online account.
    4. It is a customer’s responsibility to update their personal details with Plymouth Active should they change. Plymouth Active will update customers by email, social media and website.

Bookings & Court Hire

  1. All visits/sessions must be pre-booked and paid for online or via the Plymouth Active app or website. This can be done up to 7 days before for members and 3 days before for non members. You’ll just need to bring your membership card and can then go straight to your session. If you are a first time booker you can pick your card up on your first visit.


Paying for bookings

  1. Non-members must pay for their chosen activity at the time of booking or the booking will automatically be cancelled. Not all memberships include unlimited use of classes or courts. Please contact your centre for confirmation of membership entitlement or see the memberships section below.
    2. All booked sessions are non-refundable or transferable so please ensure you can make the time slot you have booked before confirming your booking.

Booking Times

  1. The booking time covers the period of use including up to 5 minutes setting up and up to 5 minutes clearing away of facilities relating to any booking to ensure that everyone has a chance to use the facilities there may be restrictions on the number of bookings each person is permitted to make for each day. Please see the relevant centre home site for any restrictions that may apply.

Conditions of Use

  1. All hires and bookings are made subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use that may apply from time to time. These are available from reception and displayed at the Leisure Centre´s, and are issued with any membership.
    2. If members rights are abused the membership may be terminated without notice. Membership is non-refundable
    3. Anytime membership includes 3 court hire bookings in a week per adult at no additional cost
    4. Non-members pay the guest fee.
    5. Guests cannot enter the centre without the member.

Cancellation and non-attendance of bookings

  1. A no show fee of the full price of the class will be applied to the members account if the class is not cancelled within 4 hours. However, if another customer does take that booking there will be no fee to the customer that cancelled their booking.
    2. Members whose bookings are part of their membership and who fail to attend for a confirmed booking will be expected to pay the standard facility rate.


  1. Pools are open for public and  lane swimming. Lane swimmers will need to assess which lane (slow, medium, fast) is most appropriate to their ability, based on users already in the pool and swimmers will need to be respectful of other user’s personal space when swimming.


  1. Clean down your kit before and after use
    2. Place any blue roll/tissue straight in the bin after use
    3. Use the hand sanitiser provided before entry to the gym
    4. There are water fountains available so please bring your own bottle to fill to stay hydrated during your class workout
    5. Bring your own sweat towel (please do not use this to wipe down kit, use the tissue and sanitiser provided)


1. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of your class
2. Please ensure you scan in before the start of the class.
3. Ensure you wipe your kit down before and after use.

Conditions of Hire

Plymouth Active Leisure Limited manages the facilities covered by this application, hereinafter referred to as “PAL”.


“The Hirer” shall mean the person making the application or where an organisation or sports club is named, that organisation or sports club shall also be considered the Hirer.
“The Management” shall mean any duly authorised member of staff at the Centre.
“The Centre” shall mean any PAL leisure facility in its entirety.


All applications for hire must be made in writing on the official booking request form. The person making the application will be deemed to be the responsible Hirer. Where a organisation or sports club is named, that organisation or sports club shall also be considered the Hirer and shall be jointly liable thereon with the person who signs the form. The application only becomes a booking when the Centre confirms it in writing. The Management reserves the right to refuse any booking at its discretion.


Charges for the use of the facilities shall be laid down by the Centre, who reserves the right to vary the same without notice between expiry and renewal of contracts.
All charges should be paid within 14 days of receipt of the Centre’s invoice to the Hirer. All organisations and individuals who use the Centre may be charged VAT on their bookings at the relevant rate if applicable.


By the Hirer – The Hirer may cancel their booking no later than 14 days prior to the period of hire, in which event no hire charge shall be payable in whatever circumstances. Please note ALL cancellations must be put in writing.
By the Management – The Management reserves the right to close, limit, withdraw or prohibit the use of any of the facilities as its absolute discretion. The Centre will not be liable for any loss of expenditure incurred arising from the exercise of this discretion, or from the cancellation of any bookings by the management. But in the event of such a cancellation for any reason being within the control of the Centre, any charges already paid will be refunded.


The Management reserves the right at its absolute discretion to refuse admission to, or evict any person from the Centre. Admission by complimentary tickets, except those issued by the Centre, are permitted with prior approval by the Management.

Setting Up and Breaking Down Times

All charges are to include setting up and breaking down times, if any of the areas have to be specially prepared for the booking, e.g. erecting equipment. Please be aware of this and ensure you request any additional time if required.

Right to Re-allocate

If, in the opinion of the Management, the Hirer is not making full use of the facility, the Management reserves the right to re-allocate.

User’s Regulations

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all persons and parties admitted to the Centre for the purposes of the hire conform to all user’s regulations in force at each Centre and behave with reasonable regard to their safety. Failure to comply may lead to the termination of the Hirer’s booking.

Indemnity Against Claims and Insurance

(a) The use of the Centre and any parts thereof is entirely at the risk of the Hirer and neither the Centre nor any employee shall be liable (either by statute, common law, equity or otherwise) for:

(i) any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential), for any loss or damage to any property (which shall include any property, motor vehicle, money or papers) howsoever caused, suffered or sustained in or upon the Centre (which shall include the car parks and grounds);
(ii) any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of electricity supply, leakage of water, Government restriction or act of god which may cause the Centre to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.

With the exception of the negligence, default, willful act, omission or otherwise of PAL, its servants and agents, and death or personal injury resulting from negligence for which PAL may be responsible.

(b) Save as expressed otherwise, the Hirer shall indemnify PAL against any claim, which may arise out of the hiring in respect of any such loss, damage, injury or proceedings as a result thereof.

(c) The Hirer shall be required by the Centre to adequately insure with an insurance company against the foregoing and produce evidence thereof on demand.

(d) The Hirer is hereby required to insure against third party and public liability claims, and to provide evidence of such insurance prior to the commencement of the hire period. The insurance so effected shall be for the minimum sum of £2,000,000 (two million pounds).


Nothing shall be driven into, fixed or fastened to any part of the Centre; the furniture or fittings and the Hirer shall take every precaution to avoid damage to the same. The Hirer shall pay to the Centre on demand the cost of repairing or making good any consequential loss or damage arising out of the hiring or for the loss of any equipment included in the hiring.

Structural Alterations

The Hirer shall not carry out any alterations to the building, nor shall they fix or make fixings for any apparatus, equipment or decoration within the Centre without prior permission of the Management.


The maximum number of people admitted to any event or function in the Centre shall be based on the facilities hired, the Fire Regulations, risk assessments and will be at the absolute discretion of the Management.

User not Transferable

The right to use the facilities or equipment hired is not transferable, and the facilities hired shall not be used for any purpose or time other than that specified.

The Management and Access by the Management

The Management/other authorised staff, Police and Fire Brigade officers shall at all times during the hiring have free access and egress to and from all parts of the Centre. The Hirer, their servants and agents shall during the hiring and during other such times as they or any of them shall be in the Centre for the purposes of the hiring comply with all reasonable requirements of the Management.


The Hirer will be responsible for ensuring that all persons and parties involved are appropriately supervised. All children using the Centre must be under adult supervision at all times.


Any sports clubs hiring the facilities, must ensure that their coaches, instructors and volunteers are appropriately qualified and DBS checked.


Charges for the hiring of the Centre are inclusive of equipment, which the Centre has on site. The charges for any additional equipment, which is required, will be by negotiation between the Management and the Hirer.

Music licenses

The Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses required to play music during their booking or event, they will not be covered under the Centre’s PRS and PPL license.


The provision of all food and refreshments will be the Company’s nominated caterer in all buildings. Where the centre does not provide catering, the Hirer may provide their own food and refreshments with written approval from the Management. The Hirer must ensure that they comply with all food safety standards and register as a food business if relevant. The centre accept no responsibility for food brought onto the premises by the Hirer.

Display of posters and advertising

No flags, emblems, decorations, posters or advertisements shall be displayed inside or outside the Centre without prior consent of the Management. Special notice boards have been erected for this purpose and can be accessed via the Centre Manager.


Sufficient litter bins are provided within the Centre and customers are expected to deposit litter in those bins. Any person found depositing anywhere other than the bins, will be asked to leave the Centre if they refuse to pick it up. Extra bins will be provided for larger events.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping)

The Centre is a non-smoking building and Hirer’s will be responsible for ensuring that all persons and parties involved with their booking adhere to this.

First Aid

The Hirer will be responsible for ensuring adequate first aid is in place for any booking or event.

Incidents and Accidents

The Hirer must inform a Duty Manager at the earliest opportunity of any incidents or accidents that have taken place within the Centre.

Collections and Raffles

No collections, games of chance, sweepstakes, sales of programmes, raffles or lotteries, auction sales or car boot sales may be conducted at the Centre without prior consent of the Management.


No Hirer shall grant sound or television broadcasting or filming rights without prior consent of the Management. If such consent is given, the Management reserves the right to be party to any negotiations and to the terms and conditions of any agreement reached and to share any income and publicity derived therefrom.

Photographs and filming

No cameras or other photographic apparatus may be used in the Centre without prior permission from the Management.


Reusable coffee cup discount

We offer a 10% discount on any hot drink purchase when using a Plymouth Active reusable cup, our cups are 35cl (350ml), this is only available on a complete hot drink purchase and not as part of a meal deal. If you bring your own reusable cup we will only fill to 35cl or 350ml and the discount will be 10% off on the price of the hot drink purchase.

PAFC Voucher

The voucher is valued at £20 and can be redeemed against any PAL merchandise product, retail product, PAYG activity or towards a membership pre payment. It can not be used against any food, beverage or snack products or to pay a direct debit payment. Valid until December 2024.

Group Exercise Class Cancellation Policy

  1. **Cancellation Deadline**: You must cancel your reservation at least 4 hours prior to the start time of the class.
  2. **Dishonour Charge**: If you fail to cancel your reservation outside the 4-hour window or do not show up for the class, a dishonour charge will be applied to your account.
  3. **Amount of Dishonour Charge**: The dishonour charge amount will be £4
  4. **Exceptions**: In case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, please contact the site as soon as possible to discuss the situation and potentially waive the dishonour charge.
  5. **Cancellation Methods**: You can cancel your class reservation through the app, website, or by contacting the site directly.
  6. **Late Arrivals**: If you arrive late for the class, you may be denied entry to avoid disruptions to the session.
  7. **Respect for Others**: Cancellation policies are in place to ensure fairness to all participants. By cancelling in advance, you allow others to take your spot.
  8. **Reminders**: Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to ensure you don’t forget to cancel if needed.
  9. **Frequency**: Repeated dishonour charges may affect your future ability to book classes.


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