Welcome our 2023 Festival of Fitness

Celebrate Summer with LIMITLESS opportunities to have fun and stay active!

We have a whole host of activities running throughout the summer – for adults, children and families – there is something for everybody! 

lido events
adult events
kids events
For our members all Festival of Fitness events can be booked via our App which you can download for iPhone here or Android here.  For non members you can apply for a Free Day Pass to take part in any of our free events or try our facilities.


If you are a non-member then you can apply for a free day pass to experience some of our Festival events.  Leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange your pass.

    Junior Events

    Climbing Crash Courses - Tues, Weds, Thurs 10.30 - 12.00 (August)

    Free Diving Tasters -  26th, 31st July and 7th Aug 1515  -  1545

    Diving Crash Courses - Weekly Courses starting 24th July

    Swimming Crash Course - 31st July - 25th August Mon-Fri 09.30-10.15 Stage 2 £50

    Stroke Clinics -Stage 5 and above £10
    Tuesdays 1 & 15 Aug - 10.15-11.00 Breaststroke
    Tuesdays 8 & 22 Aug - 10.15-11.00 Butterfly



    Adult Events:

    Balance Tasters - July and August - Tues & Thurs 9-9.30am

    Ricky's Run Club - From 9th July every Sundays 7am (meet at Smeaton Tower)

    Gym Floor Classes - Starting July 1st
    Monday 10am KB/LBT
    Tuesday 9am - Workout with Emily
    Tuesday 7pm - HIIT
    Wednesday 9am - LBT/Circuit
    Wednesday 7pm - HIIT
    Thursday 9am - Workout with Emily
    Thursday 7pm - HIIT
    Friday 10am - KB/Circuits

    Chris's Outdoor Bootcamp - From 29th June every Thursday at 10.30am

    Bring a buddy - June to August
    VIP Pass - June to August


    Lido Events:

    Summer Solstice Swim - June 21st 4.45 - 8.30am

    Early bird swim - Every Tuesday at 6.30am till 8.30am from July 4th onwards

    Live at the Lido 

    25th and 26th - August - TBA

    27th August - Cafe Mamba Ibiza Night

    Outdoor Cinema

    11 August - Grease
    12 August - Jaws
    13 August - Enys men
    18 August - Everything everywhere all at once
    19 August - The blues brothers
    20 August - Roman holiday


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