It’s time to be an active hero!

Are you ready to elevate your impact, unleash your inner hero, and make a difference that resonates far beyond the gym? We’re on a mission to transform not just ourselves but our community, and we need YOU to be our ACTIVE HEROES! 

Being an ACTIVE HERO isn’t just about personal gains – it’s about creating a ripple effect of positive change.  From boosting your fitness levels to fostering a sense of community pride, your actions contribute to a healthier, happier Plymouth!


Ways in which you can rise to the challenge!

  • SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT: Attend our events, workouts, and community gatherings.  Your presence fuels the energy of our movement!
  • SPREAD THE ACTIVE HERO VIBE: Share your fitness journey, inspire others with your achievements, and use #ActiveHeroes to connect with like-minded individuals. 
  • RECRUIT YOUR FIT TRIBE: Bring friends, family, and colleagues into the Plymouth Active fold.  The more, there merrier – and the stronger our impact! 
  • EMBRACE CHALLENGES: Challenge yourself and others to reach new fitness heights.  Every personal triumph is a win for the entire community.

Tips for starting your fitness journey

Whatever your aim or goal we can help to get you there. Here are our top tips for getting started if you’re new to the gym…

  • Get yourself a motivational playlist! Pick some tunes that you love, plug your headphones in and get going!
  • Find some comfortable workout gear – we might not always feel our best in lycra so just workout in something that is supportive and comfortable and that you feel happy wearing!
  • Follow a programme – don’t just turn up to the gym without a plan.  Our expert team can help you set up a programme that will make sure you do just the right amount of work to keep you on track to achieve those goals. 
  • Don’t overdo it! The worst thing you can do is set yourself an unachievable goal as it can take too long to feel like you’re making any progress which can make you demotivated.  Make sure you set yourself realistic targets that you know you can achieve.  Even if you only plan to visit once a week – anything is better than nothing and you can always build it up once you get started.
  • Make sure you do something you enjoy.  The most important thing is finding a workout you love – if you enjoy dancing then try some of our classes, if weights is your thing then pump some iron.  Enjoyment is the key to sticking to it and achieving those goals.

Tips for staying motivated in the gym

  • Find a training buddy!  Having someone else to go to the gym with can really boost your motivation – it’s more fun, and you can track your progress together, pushing each other to achieve your goals.
  • Variety is the key!  Don’t just do the same thing every time you visit the gym – mix up those workouts and try something new.  Why not add a weekly class into the mix, or try some training in the pool?
  • Plan you workouts in advance and put them into your schedule or into your diary.  You are much less likely to skip a workout if it is planned in and you have made time for it.
  • Get your workout done early.  If you can, workout at the start of the day.  You won’t have time to talk yourself out of it and you can be happy in the knowledge that your workout is done before your day has even got going!
  • Track your progress.  Whether you use a fitness tracker or just keep a log of your workouts make sure you track your progress.  There is nothing more motivating than looking back to where you started and seeing how far you have come!
  • Book a review with an instructor.  We can get stuck in a rut with our workouts and sometimes it just takes someone to give us something new that can kickstart that progress again and give you a new motivation to keep going! 

Ricky’s Top Tips

Video 1

Best ways to help progress your fitness journey

Ricky’s Top Tips

Video 2

Maintaining yourmotivation in the gym

Ricky’s Top Tips

Video 3

Starting your successful strength journey

One of the best pools in the UK! Plymouth Life Centre boasts a full 10 lane 50m Olympic size pool, an Olympic diving pool, dryside training facilities, a sauna and steam room.
This is a fantastic facility and very competitively priced.
Staff are always friendly, welcoming and professional.
Would highly recommend to all!

Tom Byrne

Very friendly staff and the facilities are excellent. Our Charity attends weekly and we are grateful for the service

Paul Lademann

Top place, the team members are brilliant & super helpful…
Great place to spend time with kids and be fit…

Vishal Bhavnaani

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